Halloween Adventure MegaStore

The Halloween Adventure MegaStore at 104 4th Avenue. Photo Credit: halloweenadventure.com

Address: 104 4th Avenue at 11th Street, East Village, New York, NY 10003
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 11AM - 8PM, Sunday: 12PM - 7PM
Phone: (212) 673-4546
Website: http://www.halloweenadventure.com

From the latest Twilight inspired get-up to the Toy Story character outfits; Halloween Adventure Megastore in the heart of New York has it all. Primarily geared toward the Halloween and festive season, the store has become affiliated with the widest collection of fancy dress, theatrical and niche costumes on the planet. Prepare to be transported as soon as you step through the robust doors of this fantasy adventure land where staff swoop past on broomsticks, and checkout operators are dressed as tin knights. Be prepared to spend a few hours browsing this outlandish store which also stocks a quantitative array of old film posters, nostalgia and clothing alongside the medieval make-up, masquerade masks and shark heads.

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