Miu Miu

The Miu Miu at Soho. Photo Credit: grandlifehotels.com

Address: 100 Prince Street, (Soho), New York, NY 10012
Opening Hours: Monday - Wednesday: 11AM - 7PM, Thursday: 11AM - 8PM, Friday - Saturday: 12AM - 7PM
Phone: (212) 334-5156
Website: http://www.miumiu.com

Considered Prada’s more youthful personality, Miu Miu experiments with daring colours, bold cuts and sumptuous materials to create a line of fun-yet-fashionable clothing geared toward the trend-setting twenty-something. Any woman worth her salt knows that Miu Miu’s kitsch heels are a time-defiant collectable – ever sought after, and sometimes snagged in a sample sale at Barneys or Saks. For a very real chance of securing those high-fashion heels head to the Soho Miu Miu outlet, which almost always has a reserve should the displays sell out.

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