GreenFlea Market

The GreenFlea Market at Columbus Avenue. Photo Credit:

Address: Columbus Avenue (between West 76th and 77th Streets), Upper West Side, Manhattan, NY 10001
Opening Hours: Sunday: 10AM - 5:30PM
Phone: (212) 239-3025

GreenFlea’s outdoor market is considered one of New York’s largest and most colorful with a wondrous array of antiques, vintage costumery, handicrafts and artworks. The adjacent indoor market is also attributed with the widest variety of antique furniture anywhere in the city. From Renaissance to Neo-Classical, every taste is catered for – and at prices one would find surprising for even a flea market. Look out for the stylish tin-framed mirrors sold by Olde Good Things, and the vivid handmade necklaces of A.C Agates which would make the ideal gifts to take back home.

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