The Sephora at 597 5th Avenue. Photo Credit:

Address: 597 5th Avenue, New York, NY 10017
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 8PM, Sunday: 11AM - 7PM
Phone: (212) 980-6534

Filled from floor-to-ceiling with candy-striped cosmetic filled shelves, stepping into a Sephora Studio is akin to walking into an over-stocked sweet store as a child. Brightly lit; the alluring pinks and taupes of foundation, daring rouges of lipwear and vivacious colours of nail polishes all invite you to look, touch and feel each product. Skincare experts invite you to get your fingers dirty with tutorials on blending and product selection for skin-tone, as well as encouraging you to “feel” the products. For the ultimate in pampering, book a one-on-one consultation in advance of your visit for a dramatic make-over, or venture into the swanky new Anastasia Brow Salon for a spot of eyebrow grooming that promises to change your face.

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