Frederic Fekkai

The Frederic Fekkai in Soho. Photo Credit:

Address: 394 West Broadway, 2nd Floor, Soho, New York, NY 10021
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Wednesday: 10AM - 8PM, Thursday - Saturday: 9AM - 8PM
Phone: (212) 888-6600

With a bustling salon located upon lucrative 5th Avenue; the downtown Soho space is an equally chic, yet quieter alternative to the central salon. Artfully decorated with modern chocolates and crisp off-whites, there is more than a hint of Asian influence within the interior furnishing. Comfortable leather couches and high bar chairs offer comfortable seating, while dedicated personnel cater to every whim. Fekkai’s mission is to give customers “a library of styles they can walk away with” and his personally appointed salon director’s maintain this mission with every client. Prepare to endure a luxury hair care experience which begins as soon as you step through the door. Want something to take away to maintain that salon finish? Check out the extensive hair appliance range with everything from coiff stylers, to the trademark straightening “Ironless” Shampoo.

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