The Kiehl's at 109 3rd Avenue. Photo Credit:

Address: 109 3rd Avenue (13th Street), New York, NY 10003
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 10AM - 8PM, Sunday: 11AM - 6PM
Phone: (212) 677-3171

Firmly established since 1851, the fashionable beauty brand still runs a flagship store on 3rd Avenue, with the traditional décor and interior character that has become almost homely to it’s regular visitors. Renowned for their natural products, Kiehls offer a range of haircare lines for every hair-type imagineable. Treatments range from the popular Rice and Wheat Shampoo, to the Amino Acid range, formulated for especially unruly and dry hair. Kiehls are also known for their targeted skin treatments which range from skin rejuvenation products, to wrinkle specific potions. The Epidermal Micro Dermabrasion cream is considered by beauty experts, one of the best alternatives to chemical skin peels on the market. While in store, ask for a consultation with one of the dedicated staff who are more than happy to take you under their wing, helping you to hand-select the appropriate treatments for your skin, hair and skin-tone types.

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