Barnes & Noble

The Barnes & Noble at 33 East 17th Street. Photo Credit:

Address: 33 East 17th Street, Union Square, New York, NY 10003
Opening Hours: Daily: 10AM - 10PM
Phone: (212) 253-0810

Conveniently located just minutes from Park Avenue, Barnes and Noble is widely considered one of New York’s best book “department” stores. With an in-house Top 100, abundantly stocked Newsstand, and the New York Times Bestsellers section, Barnes and Noble have something to offer every man, woman and child who step into the oldie-world interior. Books are conveniently categorized by genre, allowing for the easy location of bestsellers, paperbacks and art-house books, as well as reference and political literature. If you’re one of iPad generation, you can also enjoy downloadable books via the NOOK app, a concept designed for the seamless download of over 1 million books with just a couple of screen clicks.

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