Paragon Sports

The Paragon Sports at 867 Broadway on 18th Street. Photo Credit:

Address: 867 Broadway at 18th Street, New York, NY 10003
Opening Hours: Monday - Friday: 10AM - 8PM, Sunday: 11PM - 7PM
Phone: (212) 255-8889

Paragon Sports is the ultimate store for running apparel and outdoor equipment. Whether you’re a snowboarding pro, or an amateur climber, you can be sure to find a plenitude of essentials for your sporting niche. The store caters for the widest range of sports you can imagine, the primary stock being equipment and apparatus. You can find some fashionable outerwear from the likes of The North Face and Trespass, so if you’re looking for a new wind-breaker, make Paragon your first stop.

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