A.C Gears

The A.C Gears at 106 Greenwich Avenue. Photo Credit: stylemag-online.net

Address: 106 Greenwich Avenue, Greenwich District, New York, NY 10003
Opening Hours: Monday - Saturday: 11AM - 8PM, Sunday: 12PM - 7PM
Phone: (212) 741-2106
Website: http://www.acgears.com

Self-defined as “New Yorks own gadget lifestyle boutique”, A.C Gears offers a chic retail outlet with the very best and latest gadget finds from Japan, China and the West. You might describe their wares as kooky, kitsch and even downright odd, but once you get your hands on the pistol-firing alarm-clock, you’ll realize the uses for such outlandish gadgets. Should you tire of the many gadgets on offer, relax with a nostalgic game of Tetris or Super Mario Bros on the in-house Nintendo Classic games system.

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