Academy Records

The Academy Records & CDs at 12 West 18th Street. Photo Credit:

Address: 12 West 18th Street, New York, NY 10011
Opening Hours: Sunday - Wednesday: 11AM - 7PM, Thursday - Saturday: 11AM - 8PM
Phone: (212) 242-3000

This former 70’s landmark bookstore has transformed itself in recent years to become one of the best outlets for second-hand music titles in New York. With bleached blond bookshelves ceiling high, you might think at first glance that it’s impossible to find anything among the many stacks of shelves presented, however the owners of this well-known music store have organized stock from the obscure to the popular, and everything in-between. Typically, you’ll find popular titles at the front, and other genres further within the store. Check out the extensive range of L.P’s and books also on offer for additional bargains.

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