Inside the D.V.V.S at 263A West 19th Street. Photo Credit: whitepages.com

Address: 263A West 19th Street (between 7th & 8th Aves.), New York, NY 10011
Opening Hours: Tuesday - Friday: 12PM - 7PM, Saturday: 12PM - 6PM
Phone: (212) 366-4888
Website: http://www.dvvs.com

A treasure trove of both classic and contemporary gifts, D.V.V.S has earned a solid reputation as a purveyor of fine and precious jewelry with a modern twist. You’ll find filigree designs from the likes of Tibor Marcus, along with Eastern inspired wedding bands created by George Sawyer. Designer Todd Reed is featured prominently with a line of modern cubic-stone set rings, while Michou’s line of elegant 20’s inspired earrings brings a touch of classical style to the modern ranges. Prices start at little over $100 for smaller items such as earrings, and can disappear into the vast thousands for solitaire set diamond rings in excess of a carat. Glassware presents an alternative gift option with a few bearing wallet-friendly price tags.

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