Godiva Chocolatier

The Godiva Chocolatier at 1460 Broadway on Times Square. Photo Credit: maps.google.com

Address: Godiva Boutique, 1460 Broadway at Times Square, NY 10036
Opening Hours: Friday: 9AM - 9PM
Phone: (212) 840-6758
Website: http://www.godiva.com

The idea of chocolate heaven comes in many shapes and forms, however Godiva Boutique at Times Square is a paradise of nostalgic fancies and indulgent whims which take this ideal to the next level. Row upon row of truffle-lined trays beckon through the glass windows of this chic confectionery boutique, and if that doesn’t tempt you, the wafting scent of cocoa surely will. With prices starting at just $10 you can afford to nab yourself a wickedly sinful treat, or if you’re feeling a little more indulgent, take a look at selection boxes priced upward of $20. While you’re here, why not try out the legendary Godiva Dipping Experience, combining fresh berry fruits with luxurious dark and milk liquid chocolate, for a taste sensation that’ll leave you hungry for more.

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