NYC Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2012

Twice a year, the who’s who of fashion gather together in New York City to celebrate one of the biggest weeks in the industry; Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Each year there is a New York Show in February and September of each year. The 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will be held in downtown New York City from February 9th through the 16th. This semi-annual New York Fashion show, which was previously known as New York Fashion Week, was held for many years in Bryant Park, however in 2010 the event was moved to Damrosch Park and was held at the Lincoln Center. All of the fashion shows are held in tents, but admittance into these tents to see the shows is very limited. Guests are only allowed in by invitation, and many of the shows have spots deserved almost exclusively for celebrities, designers, models and members of the fashion press. If you are planning on attending the 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week there are a few things to expect from this year’s shows.

Fashion Week NYC

Although there have been many traditions that have withstood the many years of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in New York, many viewers who are attending the upcoming 2012 shows will notice a few additional changes the show has made in the past few years, aside from its location change. Many guests to the show will quickly realize that the recession has hit the fashion world just as it has hit the rest of the United States. Many designers are cutting back on their previously elaborate shows, many of which would cost near the $1 million dollar mark. Changes that show guests will see are that some designers are combining their different fashion lines into one show, instead of hosting separate events for separate lines. Other designers are creating pieces that can transition between different seasons, and using the same pieces, styled differently in their fall and spring clothes. Even more surprising has been some of the designer’s choices to forgo models all together. In fact, many designers decided to cut their model and runway costs and simply display their items on mannequins and host their shows more like a gallery viewing.

Although guests will notice major cutbacks in some areas by certain designers, the Mercedes-Benz show itself has been seeing some advancements in recent years that show viewers can expect to see in the 2012 show. One thing that can for sure be seen in the 2012 fashion week, is technology. The show recently developed a new technology that helps visitors quickly check in and seat themselves. Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week partnered with Fashion GPS to develop the system and many viewers are seeing the drastic difference it is making in the checking in process. Since Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is so heavily guarded and busy, getting people in and out of the shows after they pass security can be a hassle, especially since there are so many shows that run on such a strict schedule. With the use of this technology the entire process is easier for everyone involved and guests are seeing a less hectic and more organized event. Although there have been a few changes to this fashion week in the past few years, guests of the 2012 Mercedes Benz Fashion Week can continue to count on seeing one thing; the hottest fashions from around the world all in one fabulous New York location.

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