NY Times To Charge Readers For Online Content

Internet...The Rupert Murdoch Way

Further bringing the era of paid online content into the mainstream, the New York Times joined with companies like News Corp’s Wall Street Journal in charging readers to access their previously free online content.

According to New York Magazine, while the Times will charge readers for content, where their system will differ from that Wall Street Journal’s is that they will allow readers a certain amount of free articles per month and then require a paid account to view more content.

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17,000 Potentially Harmful Chemicals Kept Secret To Protect Profits

There are more than 80,000 different chemicals that are used commercially around the country but a watered down bill written decades ago has allowed companies to keep nearly 20 percent of them secret from the public to keep customers from getting scared off from purchasing products if they knew what was in them.

The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1974 requires that all companies reveal all chemicals that they use in manufacturing their product. Unless, as the law says, they want to keep the chemicals secret to protect their profitability. Some law, huh? Sort of like saying that …continue reading

Obama, Wen Head to Copenhagen

The World We Are Creating

As the world begins to work on a replacement to the Kyoto Protocol, President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao are heading to Copenhagen to represent the two biggest world polluters.

Just a day after Barack Obama announced that he would be heading to Copenhagen to lobby for the passage of a treaty whose future has been in doubt, the Chinese State Council, their of a Presidential cabinet, announced plans to cut emission by 40% to 45% by 2020, a much more aggressive approach than the Chinese, or any other country, have taken in the past.

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Atlantic Yards Project OK’ed by Court

The Future of the Atlantic Yards

After three years of delay, the Empire State Development Corporation won another court battle against the people of New York in a 6-1 decision that stated that it is not up to the courts to interfere in developer Bruce Ratner’s plans to turn the Atlantic Yards into a bustling business area.

The New York Times claims that the win is the “last major obstacle” for Ratner who will soon be able to build a stadium for the Nets to play in as well as a number of office towers and shops around the arena.

Develop Don’t Destroy …continue reading