15-Year Old Brooklyn Boy Charged With Stabbing 12-Year Old Boy


A 15-year-old child was charged with stabbing his 12-year-old friend last night, after the two had gotten into an argument in the park they were in, while smoking marijuana.

The older boy was identified as Wayne Henderson, and his victim was 12-year-old Luis Martinez. Both kids are from Brooklyn.

On Saturday night, the two boys were in a Queens portion of Highland park, and had gotten into an argument about an earlier occasion on which Henderson had gotten in trouble with his family for smoking marijuana in the past.

Martinez had suffered several stab wounds and injuries, and is currently resting in NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell …continue reading

MTA Bus Drivers Get Added Protection…Sort Of

MTA Bus Partition

In response to the fatal stabbing of a B46 bus driver about a year ago, the MTA has begun to install partitions that would shield the driver from any potential danger…except not really.

The first 100 partitions have been installed on B46 buses as a way to test the effectiveness of the idea but just looking at photos of the partition it is hard to see how the glass barrier actual adds security.

The partition itself cover the area that until now was only protected by a metal bar that drivers had to pick up to leave …continue reading

NYC Murder Rate at Record Low


Say what you will about New York City turning into a police state (and I’ve said plenty) but it does work. According to the New York Times, New York City is on pace to have its lowest murder rate on record.

The Times reports that by December 27, the city had 461 murders, 35 less than the city had in 2007 when the city had less than 500 murders for the first time.

Pretty good considering as recently as 1990 the city saw more than 2,200 murders in one year.

At the same time, the city’s current deficit will undoubtedly lead to thousands of …continue reading

NYC Wastes Tens of Millions on Pot Arrests, 12% of All Arrests Are Marijuana Charges

Mayor Bloomberg...

For all the talk about crime statistics in New York City, the irony of all ironies is that the taxpayer is charged tens of millions of dollars every year so that cops can arrest people for harmlessly smoking a pot.

According to a recent study, around 12% of all arrests in New York City are on marijuana charges, something that was rarely done until Rudy Giuliani and, even more so, Michael Bloomberg installed policies to make their crime statistics look good by going after pot smokers.

Of course the crime stats improved under Giuliani and Bloomberg, the two mayors saw marijuana arrests surge …continue reading

Former Senate Leader Joseph Bruno Guilty on 2 Counts

Convicted Felon Joseph Bruno

The New York Senate is one of the most corrupt political bodies in the country and two major court decisions this week have begun what will hopefully become a trend in putting corrupt politicians in their place.

After finding State Senator Hiram Monserrate guilty on assault charges stemming from a fight with his girlfriend that ended in him slashing her face (although he got off far too easy), a jury has found former Senate Majority Leader of 13 years Joseph Bruno guilty on two counts of corruption.

The former top state Republican faces 40 years in jail …continue reading

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