Valentine's Day Activities in NYC


Anyone who is in or has been in a relationship probably knows that Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for most couples. Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to make special memories with your significant other. If you live in the New York City area, you know that there is no better place in the country to make these special memories than in the Big Apple. With all the things to see and do in the city of New York, there is no end to the list of perfect Valentine’s Day activities that you and that special …continue reading

Old Town Bar

Old Town Bar

The devastating demise of much-loved Chumley’s in 2007 left many New Yorker’s grief stricken, yet sadly the phoenix never rose from the ashes. Old Town Bar on East 18th is a little younger than Chumley’s by about 30 years, but has survived competitor openings, environmental changes and the sophisticated allure of brand bars for over 110 years. The dimly lit Victorian interior is strangely inviting, and once you get inside, you’ll realize why so many cherish the old-world personality of this literature-lovers haunt. Art deco jostles for recognition alongside 19th century character, while the mahogany and marble of the bar …continue reading

Must Love Dogs

Central Park

I love dogs.  I grew up with a kick-ass mutt named Radar and today I care for the cutest Sheltie in the world (yes, THE WORLD) named, Bailey.  I believe if you don’t like animals, particularly dogs, you are not to be trusted.*  And because I love my dog, I like to make sure that he gets the chance to play, exercise, and socialize as much as possible. And to do so means having my finger on the pulse of the dog run scene.  Yeah, we dog owners are that serious about this stuff.  There is nothing worse than seeing your …continue reading

You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine

Angelika Theater NYC

A discussion over what is the best movie theater in New York is one likely to inspire some fierce debate.  Some enjoy the megaplexes of Times Square or Union Square, while others gravitate to the art-house realm of theaters such as the Angelika theater.  Now, I believe in pluralism and the idea that there is a place (and room enough) for both styles of movies houses, though my tastes more often than not fall on the art-house side.  And I realize that what I am about to say isn’t going to win me any fans, but here comes my confession:  I …continue reading

Holiday Ice and Everything Nice: Winter in New York

The Pond at Bryant Park

New York, New York.  I have spent many a holiday in this fair city they call the Big Apple.  Would a rose by any other name smell as sweet?  And by sweet, I mean the musty scent of slow-melting snow tainted with exhaust fumes gently swirled with the sugary aroma of roasted cashews wafting from the corner Nuts 4 Nuts vendor.  But it’s New York and it’s magnificent.  Though I begrudge the added crowds filling our streets  – be it tourists hustling from their hotel to Radio City or simply fellow New Yorkers rushing form store to store trying to find …continue reading