NYC Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2012

Fashion Week NYC

Twice a year, the who’s who of fashion gather together in New York City to celebrate one of the biggest weeks in the industry; Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Each year there is a New York Show in February and September of each year. The 2012 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week will be held in downtown New York City from February 9th through the 16th. This semi-annual New York Fashion show, which was previously known as New York Fashion Week, was held for many years in Bryant Park, however in 2010 the event was moved to Damrosch Park and was held at the Lincoln Center. …continue reading

Fashion Trends in NYC

Punk Appeal

A Heads Up On Style In The First City of Fashion

London, Paris and Milan – European cities whose bias toward their own designers often results in little mention of emerging U.S talent. New York; a hot-bed of textiles talent and home-grown designers aka Michael Kors and Donna Karan. When it comes to fashion forwardness, Europe lags considerably in the futuristic department. Versace and Dior are known for their flowing classic cuts and bohemian trends, yet rarely do the houses showcase street-style – probably one of the most defining fashion trends of the 21st Century. Conversely, New York is also affiliated …continue reading

The Brooklyn Boutique Club

When I first moved to Brooklyn Heights in 2005, I didn’t realize how much I would fall in love with this gem of a neighborhood.  Brooklyn Heights is home to the Promenade (with the best views of Manhattan this side of private helicopter rentals), beautiful architecture, a variety of movie theaters, bookstores, great restaurants, and multiple subway lines (which always comes in handy when the MTA decides to close or detour pretty much every train you want to take in a single weekend).  But one thing I was not expecting when I headed across the bridge from Manhattan was the treasure …continue reading

Fashion Week To Move?

Fashion Week Tents at Bryant Park

It has been rumored that organizers of New York fashion week are going to announce that next year, Fashion Week will be moving from Bryant Park (where Fashion Week has been held for the last 15 years) to Lincoln Center.

Apparently, park management has been complaining for years about the invitation-only shows had grown too large and were restricting access to the park. Although Fashion Week was welcomed in 1993, when it started, there have been many clashes between Fashion Week organizers and the park’s management company.

The problems escalated in 2006 when the Bryant Park Corporation announced it would no longer allow …continue reading

Runaway Reviews

A model walks wearing Vera Wang

Vera Wang
Dark was light and airy at Vera Wang’s runway show as the designer celebrated the midnight hour. The collection was an exploration of black as more than just a color, but rather its inherent texture, volume, composition and sensibility. Wang illustrated a dark romance, roughing up her scalloped organza and wool crepe gown with a slight, disheveled touch. Jet black tulle and feathers felt playful, while long gloves and bold, detailed shoulders were sophisticated and powerful. While glamorous to the end, Wang did tone down the opulence, opting for black twill jackets and baggy trousers. Clean lines, blazers and …continue reading

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