Harajuku Girls Take Over U.S.

Harajuku Girls hanging out

Harajuku, or Japanese street fashion has recently been popularized in the U.S. because of celebrities like Gwen Stefani.

New Yorkers think they have guts when it comes to fashion, but they have got nothing on the harajuku kids. They spend everyday walking around with the most mix-matched, crazy outfits. They do not have to go to an anime convention to look like their favorite manga characters. I admire them so much because while their outfits sound ridiculous, they can work them.

Check out the book “Fruits” by photographer Phiadon. These kids dress in every type of style, from Goth to punk to prep. …continue reading

Glamorous Women and How To Look Like One

Dita Von Teese, Burlesque Performer, Model

Does anyone else but me miss the days of glamour? Real glamour, not when girls put on shoes that are too high for them and mini-dresses. Back in the days when women would put on corsets and lipstick just to go to the store.

Now, I understand feminism and all that, but really, girls have got to step up their game. What happened to makeup? What happened to gorgeous dresses? What happened to high heels? Real style, real glamour.

Dita Von Teese is a good example of someone who never stopped believing in glamour. You will never see her outside without a corset, …continue reading

Black Friday Fashion


Now that the nightmare of cooking and stuffing yourself until the button pops off your pants, it’s time to think of a different nightmare: Black Friday.

Black Friday shopping is absolutely terrifying, but well worth the deals. Most stores are selling cheap electronics, which is what most people go for on Black Friday. But, Black Friday is a treat for fashionistas on a budget!

Stores are opening up earlier than ever this season. In fact, most stores are opening on Thanksgiving Day. According to a recent survey, of 134 million consumers will shop for gifts this weekend 10 percent said they would be …continue reading

Best Places To Shop In New York City That Will Get You More Bank For Your Buck

H&M on 34st.

New York City is the center of fashion, home to a ton of eclectic styles, and home to tons and tons of shops, boutiques, department stores. However, staying in style could be tough in this economy. So I have provided a list of the best stores where you can find clothes that will keep you looking good, without spending all your hard-earned dollars.


1328 Broadway, New York, NY 10001

H&M might seem like an obvious answer, but it is still one of the best places to go to get great deals on this season’s latest styles. They have something for everyone, whether your …continue reading

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