Valentine's Day Activities in NYC


Anyone who is in or has been in a relationship probably knows that Valentine’s Day is one of the biggest days of the year for most couples. Valentine’s Day is the opportunity to make special memories with your significant other. If you live in the New York City area, you know that there is no better place in the country to make these special memories than in the Big Apple. With all the things to see and do in the city of New York, there is no end to the list of perfect Valentine’s Day activities that you and that special …continue reading

Farmers Markets NYC

Union Square Greenmarket

It’s time to get out of your apartment, away from your computer, and outside and into the sun.  Do it.  Now.  And while you are out, (here comes the plug for this article…) why not hit one of the city’s farmers’ markets?  Yes, we all know that these local farmers’ markets and greenmarkets are great for the environment, our health, and help support a community of local food producers.  And all of these are superb reasons to go.  But here’s another:  the items these markets have are delicious!  There’s nothing better than tasting a fresh strawberry that tastes like an actual …continue reading

Meat and Spice and Everything Nice

Big Apple BBQ

It’s summer in New York.  And other than the prevalent smell of urine in the subways, as amplified by the heat, the city has a lot to offer:  the opportunity to idle away a Saturday afternoon in Sheep’s Meadow, the summer movie series in Bryant Park, and an ongoing variety of outdoor fetes and festivals.  The fairest of them all?  The Big Apple Barbecue.  Now if you are a vegetarian, I have to warn you:  this column isn’t for you.  No hard feelings or anything, but we are going to be talking meat here.  If you want to stick around to …continue reading

Sunday In The Park With Pastries

It’s Sunday morning.  You have peeled yourself out of bed and are ready to greet the day after a weekend of wild parties, turning heads, and a secret rendezvous or two.  Or maybe you spent your weekend by lounging at home in your PJs and watching every episode of 30 Rock, while drinking nearly a case of grape soda.  I don’t know your life and I don’t judge.  Either way you are about to start another week after the last one was full of long hours (be it spent at work or looking for work), bad food, and even worse coffee.  …continue reading

New York Shack Attack

Shake Shack Madison Avenue

I have traveled all over this great county of ours and sampled burgers of all different makes and shapes:  from the highbrow New York gastro pub burger to the greasy spoon variety of Sid’s Onion Burger outside of Oklahoma City.  Yes, I have embarked on a personal quest to find what I believe to be is the best incarnation of this American culinary darling.  It’s part of my life’s work.  Let it be known that I am not above fast food when it comes to my quest:  I have sampled burgers from such establishments as Five Guys, In-N-Out, Mooyah, and Whataburger.  …continue reading

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