MTA Bus Drivers Get Added Protection…Sort Of

MTA Bus Partition

In response to the fatal stabbing of a B46 bus driver about a year ago, the MTA has begun to install partitions that would shield the driver from any potential danger…except not really.

The first 100 partitions have been installed on B46 buses as a way to test the effectiveness of the idea but just looking at photos of the partition it is hard to see how the glass barrier actual adds security.

The partition itself cover the area that until now was only protected by a metal bar that drivers had to pick up to leave …continue reading

Bloomberg, De Blasio, and Liu Sworn Into Office

De Blasio and Liu

Winners of their respective elections were sworn into office earlier this week as the office holders brought a little bit of reform and a lot of the same old, same old.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg celebrated his third mayoral inauguration, the first mayor to do so since Ed Koch did it in the 1980s.

Bloomberg mentioned that he understood how some people felt about him overturning the term limits law but claimed that he sees the additional term as a special opportunity to finish what he started.

Regardless of what you think of Mayor Mike, the multimillionaire …continue reading

Newark Airport To Get Full Body X-Ray Screeners

Say Cheese!

While full body X-Ray scanning machines have been popping up around the country, New Jersey’s Newark airport will be the first airport in the Northeast to install these controversial machines at their security checkpoints on the heels of the botched Christmas terrorist attack.

Costing at $170,000 each, officials hope that these machines will prevent exactly the type of attack as was nearly carried out by the “Underwear Bomber.”

The machines will be set up in Newark’s terminal B, home of all of the airport’s international flights as well as domestic flights by companies like Delta and Northwest.

The …continue reading

New York Is Broke

Gov. David Paterson

For the first time in history, New York State is not just broke but in debt. To paraphrase a line by Louis C.K., if being broke is having no money then New York would have to raise hundreds of millions of dollars just to be broke.

According to the New York Times, the state has a negative balance of $174 million in its general fund (yes, states have bank accounts too) with over a billion dollars due on its bills.

The state will now have to burn an even deeper hole in their account by using up …continue reading

Queens Congressman Was Paid By Ponzi Schemer to Talk to Hugo Chavez

Ah, the company we keep...

Though Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi scheme commanded much of the media’s attention, a lesser recognized Ponzi schemer had a less high profile but seemingly more intricate scam going on with countless ties to politicians, CEOs, and media personalities including Gregory Meeks, a Queens Congressman.

According to the Miami Herald, Allen Stanford had fired one of the people who ran one of his banks in Venezuela. The person fired was none too thrilled and threatened to expose the fraud that we not know Stanford was orchestrating.

In response, the very powerful Stanford convinced Congressman Meeks (who is one of …continue reading

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