After Setting Loss Record, Nets Win

Nets Center Brook Lopez

It took them 19 games but after setting a new record for worst losing streak to begin an NBA season, the New Jersey Nets have finally won their first game, a 97-91 victory over the Charlotte Bobcats.

It wasn’t easy, but more than a month and two coaches later, young center Brook Lopez led the winless Nets to a rare win with his 31 points and 14 rebounds finally netting New Jersey a point in the win column.

The soon-to-be Brooklyn Nets have been absolutely dreadful, firing long time coach Lawrence Frank after opening up the …continue reading

MTA Continues Waste, Workers Get FT Pay For PT Hours

MTA Chief Jay Walder

The MTA has been under the microscope for the last few years as their budget has been spread very thin and commuters have been asked to foot the bill for their complete and utter waste through higher fares. It appears that pressure to cut costs has not pushed the MTA to become more fiscally responsible and the Daily News reports that the agency has been paying workers who work part-time hours full-time wages.

The MTA has been doing a lot of track work since last year but only allows workers to work on outdoor tracks between 10:30 AM …continue reading

Legislature OK’s Partial Deficit Reduction, Refuses to go All The Way

David Paterson

While the media focused largely on the New York state senate officially denying more than a million gay New Yorkers (according to most estimates) the right to one day marry the person they love like any convicted felon, murderer, adulterer, or terrorist can, legislators also spent the special session cutting the state deficit by $2.8 billion.

Although nothing is concrete, it appears that the state legislature will cut most but not all of the New York State deficit leaving the state with a large debt and financial difficulties after this year.

Governor David Paterson has been asking …continue reading

Fashion Week’s Last Year In Bryant Park Will Be Massive

Tents at Bryant Park

Last year it was announced that Fashion Week would be moving from its usual location in Bryant Park to Damrosch Park in Lincoln Center. Since this is the last year fashion week will be taking place in Bryant Park, designers are taking full advantage, and Ruth Finley, who creates the fashion calendar, says the Mercedes-Benz Fall Fashion Week 2010 is being booked quickly.

Last year, despite some designers pulling out because of the recession, there was still a record-breaking 299 shows and presentations. This year promises to be even bigger.

Apparently the biggest problem with the move from Bryant Park to Damrosch, is …continue reading

Senate Votes Down Gay Marriage Bill in NY

A Rainbow Flag, often used as a LGBT rights symbol

The State Senate voted no on a bill that would legalize same-sex marriage on Wednesday, following an emotional debate that touched on civil rights, family values, and American history.

The fact that the senate voted down this bill means that Governor David A. Paterson has failed again, for the year at least. The optimism of gay rights activists, who are facing a lot of setbacks in key states, has been somewhat slashed.

The bill was defeated by a not-so-close margin, 38 to 24. Although the Democrats have a majority, they didn’t have enough votes to be able to pass the bill without any …continue reading

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