KFC/Taco Bell Rat Infestation

After giving the Greenwich Village KFC/Taco Bell a passing inspection, the city’s Department of Health had to close the store down after TV camera crews and passerbys videotaped rats roaming around the store after closing. This story brings back memories of the Dunkin Donut rat debacle that occured several years ago in the city, where a rat was photographed in the window front. In the video, several rats are seen climbing and running around the tables and chairs of the restuarant in plain view. This situation has now left New Yorkers wondering about the validity of the Health Department’s restaurant …continue reading

Riders Responsible for Subway Delays

The Transit Authority recently published a Top 10 list of reasons why NYC subways were delayed. Making the Top 10 for 2006 was “Customers Holding Doors,” which on average caused 346 delays each month and “Unruly Customers,” which on average contributed to 313 delays each month. As a New Yorker that regularly uses the subway, I have been on trains that were delayed getting out of the station because another rider decided to hold the door for his/her friends, simply blocked the door because the train was so crowded, or tried to squeeze into a train as the doors were …continue reading

Now it feels like winter.

Last weekend felt like spring. I went to the west side of central park around 74th Street and sat near the lake looking towards midtown; the sunset was amazing. Even the ducks were out swimming. I hope all of you had a chance to take a stroll without wearing a coat in the middle of winter.

Winter is here.

View from inside Central Park.

Today is officially the first day of winter. However, the weather is quite warm which is great for strolling or just hanging out in some of the city’s parks such as Central Park, Washington Square Park, Bryant Park, Madison Park, Union Square Park or Tompskin Square Park. If parks are not your thing, I suggest going down to the East Village or SoHo to do some window shopping or just go grab a coffee at one of the city’s 1,000 Starbucks.

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