More Than 200,000 Likely Dead In Haiti

haiti quake

Official estimates now state that at least 200,000 people have died because of last week’s earthquake and many are estimating the the ultimate death toll will be closer to 500,000 or nearly 5 percent of Haiti’s 10+ million residents.

Though it is still unknown how many people died in the earthquake as relief crews continued to work twenty-four hour days to clean through the rubble and find anyone dead or still somehow living, the damage caused by the earthquake has left countless people without access to clean water or medical supplies.

Many are urging a complete evacuation …continue reading

81% Of US Supports Legalizing Marijuana


Turns out there isn’t that much of a debate about legalizing medicinal marijuana isn’t much of a debate at all. On the heels of a bill to legalize marijuana in New Jersey being signed, a new survey shows that more than 80% of Americans support legalization.

Support for scrapping laws to help those suffering from illnesses has been high for as long as the issue has been surveyed and the number has jumped from 69% in 1997 (in a Gallup poll) to 81% this week in an ABC News/Washington Post poll.

Even more so, more than half …continue reading

NY Times To Charge Readers For Online Content

Internet...The Rupert Murdoch Way

Further bringing the era of paid online content into the mainstream, the New York Times joined with companies like News Corp’s Wall Street Journal in charging readers to access their previously free online content.

According to New York Magazine, while the Times will charge readers for content, where their system will differ from that Wall Street Journal’s is that they will allow readers a certain amount of free articles per month and then require a paid account to view more content.

The final decision is expected sometime this week and the magazine also reports that the Times …continue reading

Conan Out At NBC, Leno Returns To


It wasn’t so long ago that NBC and Jay Leno promised Conan O’Brien the “Tonight Show” as it was the only way that the network could keep him from moving to Fox or CBS. It certainly wasn’t that long ago (seven months to be exact) that Conan took over the Tonight Show slot and Leno was moved to primetime even though the original plan had him retiring from late night programming. All that came to end this week as NBC has reportedly decided to let the growingly popular Conan O’Brien go and move Leno back to the same show …continue reading

Fashion Helps Haiti


Taken from

“Trying to find a way to help out the earthquake relief effort in Haiti and be fashionable?

Look no further!

Clothing company Kid Dangerous has designed HELP HAITI T-shirts with all proceeds going to One Dome at a Time Emergency Fund. One Dome at a Time will build protective domes to provide immediate relief, as well as help rebuild Port-au-Prince down the road.

The shirts, available in Men’s S-XXL and Women’s S-L, pictures an vision of the Haitian flag with HELP HAITI in simple block lettering. Kid Dangerous is selling the shirts at a reduced price of $35 dollars (the brand’s shirts …continue reading

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