New York Public Library


The huge porticos and Romanesque columns of New York Public Library have made it one of the most photographed buildings in New York. The library itself is the 3rd largest in North America. Designed by German-born Alexander Saeltzer, the library’s founding benefactors including Robert Watts and Samuel J. Tilden. Of architectural importance are the two great lions which sit astride of the entrance – the oldest known examples in America.

Chrysler Building

Chysler Building

William Van Alen’s masterpiece of engineering enjoyed a brief stint as New York’s tallest skyscraper from 1928-1930, until the Empire State Building dwarfed the Art Deco scraper in 1931. Still in use as an office complex, the Chrysler Building is considered one of the most opulent sky-scrapers in New York. Her chrome-lined lobby alone well worth a few minute’s appreciation. Guided tours through nearby Turtle Bay operators occasionally provide a behind-the-scenes peek at the building’s interior – the views from the 82nd floor considered some of the finest in New York. On a clear day, you can see up to 80 …continue reading

City Hall:City Hall Park

NYC City Hall

Seat of the administrative Government for over 180 years, City Hall stands as a proud testament to the 9 years it took to buildA from 1803-1812. Built in the French Renaissance and Georgian style, City Hall is the oldest seat of Government in the United States still functioning as originally intended. The plush Governors room which was once used for ceremonies is now open for public viewing, containing a wealth of historic documents and photographs. The Mayor’s or “Blue” Office is also open for viewing, the quarters where the city Mayor conducts conferences of State.

Cathedral Church of St. John The Divine

Cathedral Church

With a world-class orchestra and daily choir, the Cathedral is a beautiful escape from the bustle of city streets, however also houses a plethora of fascinating artefacts and “Gothic revival” architecture. View 17th Century tapestries, artwork by native artist Keith Haring and Renaissance-inspired stained glass windows within the “mother-church” of the New York Episcopal Diocese.

Empire State Building


Endearingly dubbed the “Cathedral of the Skies”, the 1930’s Empire State Building once dwarfed all others within her vicinity, and enjoyed the reputation as the tallest building in the world. Since superseded by a wealth of New York high-rise commercial buildings, the Empire State is still a superior attraction. Panoramic views from the 102nd floor easily rival those from any other high-rise in the city – a photographic opportunity not to be missed.

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