Franklin Park Bar and Beer Garden

Franklin Park Bar & Beer Garden

Characterized by an old-school interior of brick and base wood tones, Franklin Park lends itself to the vintage styling, yet is actually a recent innovation. Formerly a vehicle garage and rarely used, the Franklin Park Beer Garden was transformed in 2007 to the urban vintage interior so loved today. The rear garden is a joy to experience on a ‘s , decorated with LED mood lighting, simple wood picnic benches and a few strategically placed potted shrubs. The laid back vibe proves a big hit with the twenty-something trend-seekers at s, yet transforms into a vintage tavern by day. Over 20 …continue reading

Loreley Restaurant and Biergarten

Loreley Restaurant & Biergarten

Located just off the Bowery on the Lower East Side lies a rustic, rather unkempt seeming restaurant with a delightful secret. Beneath the wurst-rich aromas and tantalizing odor of ale lies a space that few have savored, yet many have heard of. Modeled on the Brauhuas of Cologne, Loreley Restaurant and Biergarten brings the hearty German alehouse ambiance, to a space that little differs from the original. A seasonal garden provides a welcome space for socializing and sampling the extensive ale menu, with an awning clad marquee for when the New York rays become to much. Sit back and revel in …continue reading

Mugs Ale House

Mugs Ale House

Age is not always suggestive of character, as Mugs Ale House will attest. Situated in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Mugs lures locals with a distinctly old-school interior and all the trappings of a classic New York tavern Regular beer forecasts tempt with traditional dark ales such as Coney Island Meadusa and velvety stouts like Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout. While 2 pm might be a little late in the day for a liquid breakfast, it’s prime time for the hazy rays beaming down of a ‘s afternoon. Friendly faces and a cult base of local custom make this one of …continue reading

Radegast Hall Beer Garden

Radegast Hall Beer Garden

Defined by an oak-paneled interior and Art Deco bar reminiscent of a 1930’s speakeasy, Radegast Hall lures with an old-fashioned appeal considered virtually extinct within your average suburban jungle. The expansive rear beer garden blends old world charm with a throughly modern commitment to exceptional hospitality and of course traditional German beers, such as Hofbrau Dunkel and Gaffel Kolsch. A year-round heated space with a warm heart and welcoming ambiance, Radegast is a great place to unwind away from the bustle of central NYC, or to appreciate German jazz and folk bands at their rawest.

Bohemian Hall and Beer Garden

Bohemian Hall Beer Garden

Bathed in the swaying silhouettes of towering oak trees, the expansive garden at Bohemian Hall resembles a hidden European restaurant plaza, such is it’s laid back air. Founded in 1910, the Czech-inspired Bohemian Hall prides itself upon being the oldest surviving outback garden, completely enclosed from the bustle of the street. Dedicated to maintaining and preserving the rich heritage and culture of New York’s Slovakian and Czech communities, it has become as much as European local, as it has a tourist attraction. Wind down on a ‘s with an ice-cool Staropramen (served by the half liter) and the best in …continue reading

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