Fit in the City

Paddle Sports

Feeling a little doughy?  Looking to get some exercise and shed some weight before being seen in that new two-piece or set of trunks you just ordered from*?  Of course, the city offers a wide array of gym chains, specialized fitness studios, and trainers for hire.  All good options.  But why not experiment with your fitness routine and try something new?  If you are looking to take advantage of warm weather and get away from fluorescent lights, here are a few outdoor fitness activities to try:

*I just made that up.  I take no responsibility for what is ultimately to be …continue reading

Subway Series: NY vs. NY

NY Subway Series

Did you hear that?  That was the collective sound of thousands hearts belonging to Mets fans breaking across the five boroughs.  Again.  This past weekend marked the first Subway Series of the season and, in reliable fashion, the Mets imploded. The team managed to bring lots of hope and promise to its fans on Friday when they won the series opener at Yankee Stadium.  But in the bottom of the seventh inning, in the last of the three game series Sunday night, the Yankees scored eight runs and pulled off a 9-3 win.  The Yankees had tied the series with a …continue reading

New York Shack Attack

Shake Shack Madison Avenue

I have traveled all over this great county of ours and sampled burgers of all different makes and shapes:  from the highbrow New York gastro pub burger to the greasy spoon variety of Sid’s Onion Burger outside of Oklahoma City.  Yes, I have embarked on a personal quest to find what I believe to be is the best incarnation of this American culinary darling.  It’s part of my life’s work.  Let it be known that I am not above fast food when it comes to my quest:  I have sampled burgers from such establishments as Five Guys, In-N-Out, Mooyah, and Whataburger.  …continue reading

Famous New Yorkers

Many native New Yorkers have been the recipent of the Nobel Prize.

Each city has its heroes. A big city has big heroes. New York has its share of famous people, both from the past and the future. The city’s boundless energy, its magnetism, and versatility have inspired many generations of New Yorkers.

Even today the city remains the center of contemporary art with its numerous art galleries, museums, and most importantly — talented people.

New Yorkers have succeeded in many fields through the centuries. The city can be proud of its famous writers, poets, playwrights, painters, actors, musicians, and architects. There are also New Yorkers, Nobel Prize winners in every category of this prestigious …continue reading