Republicans Now Running On Platform Of Change


It wasn’t very long ago that President Barack Obama was Presidential candidate Barack Obama, a freshman Senator running on a platform of change after eight disastrous years of George Bush. Last night’s Republican win in Massachusetts by Scott Brown, who will now take over Ted Kennedy’s vacated seat, showed that Republicans are not only planning on running on a platform of change but winning because of it.

With the country restless and angry over the Democrats’ utter incompetence when it has come to pushing through their agenda despite a massive majority in both the House and the Senate, …continue reading

Mr. Brown Will Go To Washington


A Republican is expected to win tomorrow’s special election to take over the late Ted Kennedy’s seat in the Senate according to all major polls.

In a shocking surge, republican Senate candidate and Massachusetts state senator Scott Brown has made a huge come from behind push and with the election being held today, the Republican is expected to take over the Senate seat of one of the most liberal senators in history in arguably the most liberal state in the country.

The race has made headlines news for the past week because of the high profile seat …continue reading

Cuomo Dominates Paterson in...Everything

Attorney General Andrew Cuomo

Although Governor David Paterson has been able to gain some support over the last six months, he still remains very unpopular in the polls and even less popular with people’s checkbooks. According to the New York Times, not only does Attorney General Andrew Cuomo lead Paterson in the public opinion polls by a 4 to 1 ratio, he is also dominating him in the fundraising race and has five times as much money in his campaign chest as the incumbent governor.

The New York Times reports that Cuomo currently has $16 million at his disposal whereas Paterson has …continue reading

Harold Ford Now Supports Gay Marriage

Harold Ford Jr.

Much like Senator Kirsten Gillibrand did herself, potential senate candidate Harold Ford Jr. has begun to flip-flop on the views that he held while being a Senator from Tennessee, a more conservative state.

The first in what will unlikely be a string of position reversals was Ford changing up his position on gay marriage, something that he opposed while living in an anti-gay marriage state.

We all know that politicians will say anything to get elected and seeing Gillibrand and Ford attempt to move from the conservative side to mainstream Democrat has exemplified this perfectly.

When …continue reading

Paterson Urges Lesgislators To Legalize UFC

Gov. David Paterson

Now this man is talking my language. Seeking creative ways to help stimulate the struggling New York economy, Governor David Paterson has urged lawmakers to finally legalize the popular sport of Mixed Martial Arts (also known as Ultimate Fighting).

The governor pointed out the arenas upstate and even Madison Square Garden are dying to host the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) which has made MMA the fastest growing sport in the world.

The laws that ban the sport now were written in the 1990s when the UFC, under different ownership, made its debut in the wrong way.

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