Farmers Markets NYC

Union Square Greenmarket

It’s time to get out of your apartment, away from your computer, and outside and into the sun.  Do it.  Now.  And while you are out, (here comes the plug for this article…) why not hit one of the city’s farmers’ markets?  Yes, we all know that these local farmers’ markets and greenmarkets are great for the environment, our health, and help support a community of local food producers.  And all of these are superb reasons to go.  But here’s another:  the items these markets have are delicious!  There’s nothing better than tasting a fresh strawberry that tastes like an actual …continue reading

Fashion Trends in NYC

Punk Appeal

A Heads Up On Style In The First City of Fashion

London, Paris and Milan – European cities whose bias toward their own designers often results in little mention of emerging U.S talent. New York; a hot-bed of textiles talent and home-grown designers aka Michael Kors and Donna Karan. When it comes to fashion forwardness, Europe lags considerably in the futuristic department. Versace and Dior are known for their flowing classic cuts and bohemian trends, yet rarely do the houses showcase street-style – probably one of the most defining fashion trends of the 21st Century. Conversely, New York is also affiliated …continue reading

The Brooklyn Boutique Club

When I first moved to Brooklyn Heights in 2005, I didn’t realize how much I would fall in love with this gem of a neighborhood.  Brooklyn Heights is home to the Promenade (with the best views of Manhattan this side of private helicopter rentals), beautiful architecture, a variety of movie theaters, bookstores, great restaurants, and multiple subway lines (which always comes in handy when the MTA decides to close or detour pretty much every train you want to take in a single weekend).  But one thing I was not expecting when I headed across the bridge from Manhattan was the treasure …continue reading

Best Places To Buy Dresses

Dresses from Wetseal are a great and cheap alternative!

Most women living in NYC spend a lot of time going out — which is why we need many, many dresses. So where are the best places to shop?

Topshop – We are so lucky that they finally opened a store in NYC, and New Yorkers have not been shy to reap the benefits. Their website is pretty great, and they offer a wide selection of dresses that range from borderline expensive to super expensive. If you were one of the lucky ones that got a holiday bonus, invest it in a dress from Topshop.

Wetseal – They have all the trends, the …continue reading

Target To Debut Rodarte Collection

One of the Rodarte dresses for Target, debuting December 20

Whenever big-time designers collaborate with stores like Target, it is always a huge deal. Women can finally get designer clothes for much cheaper, and Target’s new Rodarte line finally debuts tomorrow.

The line will include 55 different pieces, that range in prices (going from $9.99 to $79.99), will be in stores until January 31.

The line includes animal print dresses, that are oh-so-hot this season, lacy dresses, soft cardigans, denim jackets and accessories such as sunglasses. Check out a full slide show preview of the line here.

Rodarte is known for its intricate, romantic designs and has earned praise from Natalie Portman, Michelle …continue reading

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