Jets The Underdog...In A Good Way

Darrelle Revis

The Colts, Vikings, and Saints all have great quarterbacks and phenomenal offenses so it obviously stands to reason that the Jets are the underdog among the four remaining playoff teams. Perhaps, but in the past decade the playoffs have become a perfect venue for a defensive based team that no one takes as a serious threat.

A look at the teams that have made it to the Super Bowl in the past decade shows that 15 of the 20 teams that have made it to the Super Bowl in the past 10 years did so because their defense …continue reading

Molina Spurns Mets, Signs With Giants For Less Money


It isn’t often that you will see an over-the-hill catcher with little left in the tank turn down a potential two-year offer to stay on a team that that is only offering one year for less money but that is exactly what Bengie Molina did after two months in which the Mets were the only team talking to him and seemed to have him locked up.

The Giants had given up on signing Molina around the time of winter meetings. Molina was reportedly seeking a three-year deal worth $6 million per year, much more than anyone was willing …continue reading

NFL Playoffs: Divisional Series Wrap-Up

Brett Favre

While the Jets-Chargers game was a nail-biter until the final minutes, all of the other three divisional series games this weekend ended in blowout victories by the teams advancing to next Sunday’s championship round.

New Orleans Saints def. Arizona Cardinals 45-14

After scoring more than 50 points in last week’s shoot out against the Packers (the highest scoring game in playoff history), the defending NFC Champion Cardinals scored just two touchdowns as Kurt Warner could not recapture the magic that he had in the Wild Card round and the team recorded two turnovers which proved to be …continue reading

Rookies Lead Jets Past Chargers

Jets QB Mark Sanchez

With no one hotter than the Jets among the remaining playoff teams, the New York Jets had no problem shutting down the Chargers’ potent offense and advancing to the AFC Championship game on the shoulders of rookie quarterback Mark Sanchez and rookie running back Shonn Greene.

In the unlikeliest of playoff scenarios, the New York Jets (who were just 4-6 after the first 10 games of the season) are now en route to Indianapolis to take on the 13-3 Colts with the winner advancing to the SuperBowl.

Although the Jets were definitely the underdogs coming into a …continue reading

Paterson Urges Lesgislators To Legalize UFC

Gov. David Paterson

Now this man is talking my language. Seeking creative ways to help stimulate the struggling New York economy, Governor David Paterson has urged lawmakers to finally legalize the popular sport of Mixed Martial Arts (also known as Ultimate Fighting).

The governor pointed out the arenas upstate and even Madison Square Garden are dying to host the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) which has made MMA the fastest growing sport in the world.

The laws that ban the sport now were written in the 1990s when the UFC, under different ownership, made its debut in the wrong way.

continue reading

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