NYC Guide

Find the best attractions, entertainment, restaurants, and shopping with the official NYC Magazine – NYC Guide.

Attractions – This section aims to provide detailed information regarding the most popular tourist attractions in New York City, ranging from historic heritage sites such as Brooklyn Bridge – to areas of cultural significance, including the American Museum of Natural History and newly renovated Lincoln Center Park.

Entertainment – This section will outline the multifarious options for entertainment within the heart of New York City, along with key places for specialist entertainment (e.g music) within downtown and suburban areas of Manhattan, Harlem and Brooklyn. With reference to music-oriented venues, the overview will outline the breakdown of these sub-categories into: Music Venues (such as Radio City Music Hall), Music Clubs (such as Acme Underground), Nightclubs etc. By diversifying music clubs and venues, the guide will provide a far more in-depth range of venues to suit a variety of tastes.

Restaurants – This section aims to diversify some of the most popular, best reviewed and hidden restaurants within New York City, Manhattan and the outlying urban districts – categorizing these in accordance with specialties, native origin/ specialty or Michelin Star status.

Shopping – This section aims to diversify the most popular stores for everything from clothing and apparel, to books, art and souvenirs – perhaps even creating a top ten list for each. Sub-categories will commence with the largest and most popular department stores within New York City; The Bronx and down-town Manhattan, along with a brief overview of the departments to be found within these stores. An overview may also include key restaurants within these stores recommended for dining out.

Beer Gardens – This section aims to provide an overview of the New York’s best beer gardens. The trend of outdoor socializing establishments may have hit it’s peak in 2010, however New York’s love affair with the urban backyard public house goes way back – allegedly to 1824.