New York City Beer Gardens

Beer Gardens NYC

As the rays of early summer sunshine ricochet off New York’s umbrella of city skyscrapers, the allure of the New York beer garden is frankly, impossible to resist. The propitious spread of outdoor socializing establishments may have hit it’s peak in 2010, however New York’s love affair with the urban backyard public house goes way back – allegedly to 1824. The last of the “original” NYC beer gardens still beckons the seasoned tourists and native sun worshipers down at 24th Avenue, Astoria, going by the name of Bohemian Hall. With an evening marquee and quantitative supply of fiddler quartets, there’s really nowhere quite as laid back. In stark contrast to the vintage layout of Bohemian Hall is Mario Batali’s “La Birreria”, where unpasteurized cask ales are the order of the day. New York’s exuberant nightlife would be nothing without these chilled out dens and backyard boozers, which range from the distinctly up-market roof gardens above Fifth Avenue, to German “wurst restaurants” at Tenth. Here are just some of the best!

American Beer Gardens

European-Themed Beer Gardens

Nouveau Beer Gardens

Rooftop Beer Gardens

Vintage Beer Gardens