New York City Shopping

Home to the largest flagship toy-store – Toys “R” Us; one of the oldest established department stores – Macy’s; and one of the premier fashion capitals of the world; New York City represents one of the most diverse cities for retail therapy, window browsing and bargain-hunting on the planet.

This section aims to diversify the most popular stores for everything from clothing and apparel, to books, art and souvenirs – perhaps even creating a top ten list for each. Sub-categories will commence with the largest and most popular department stores within New York City; The Bronx and down-town Manhattan, along with a brief overview of the departments to be found within these stores. An overview may also include key restaurants within these stores recommended for dining out.

The shopping sub-categories will also diversify clothing outlets by designer/ boutique stores and normal high street labels: such as The Gap. It may also be worthwhile including a sub-category relating to sample sales and their locations, since these represent a very big part of the New York bargain-hunting culture. Perhaps the inclusion of websites detailing where to find these sales is also a possibility.

The main aim for diversification of the shopping sub-categories is to produce a number of different areas for visitors seeking specific outlets, for a specific purpose. The sub-categories are as follows:

Department Stores: to include the largest, most popular and best for sales. This will include Macy’s, Bloomingdales and Barney’s along with an overview of the departments, brands and specific lines of interest to visitors.

Toy Stores: Although New York City is renowned for being the location of the largest flagship toy-store in the world, it is the aim of this section to also bring into focus a number of other stores of equal interest such as the oldest in the U.S – F.A.O Schwarz; and the fantastical Halloween Adventure themed store.

Designer Boutiques: This section aims to provide a briefing on the most popular designer stores of New York City; including the Diane Von Furstenberg Studio at 14th Street – to the affluent outlets of Madison Avenue.

High Street Fashion Stores: This sub-category aims to provide a run-down of the top high street fashion outlets for both men, women, unisex and children. To include stores such as Zara and The Gap.

Markets: Ever keen to eke out a bargain; this section aims to provide visitors to N.Y.C an insider guide to the best markets and permanent fairs within the city ranging from craft and art, to clothing, food and souvenirs. To include Annex/ Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market, The Antiques Garage and The Green Market at Union Square.

Theme Stores: Centered around the multifarious theme stores of New York, this sub-category is dedicated to providing an informational guide to outlets ranging from Warner Bros. and Disney, to The Forbidden Planet and N.B.A Stores.

Health and Beauty Boutiques: The health and beauty sub-category aims to provide an overview of the best/ most-rated beauty boutiques and bars such as Sephora, Kiehls and Frederic Fekkai – which retail a wide range of beauty products from cosmetics and bodycare, to nail art and perfumery.

Consignment Stores: This section is aimed to provide diverse coverage of the vintage stores niche cataloging the most popular – along with those bearing the widest ranges of products/clothing. Further detailing will include aspects of pricing and where to find the best bargains, focusing upon a number of such stores in both central and suburban New York including Buffalo Exchange at East Village, and Metropolis Apparel, 3rd Avenue.

Bookstores: A section designated for a variety of the most popular bookstores such as those on “Book Row” near Broadway (including the Strand Book-store with over 18 miles of books). This section will be inclusive of both chain-owned and private/ family owned bookstores featured within some of New York’s best travel guides (points of reference include TimeOut and New York Times.)

Sports Retail Outlets: This section will focus primarily upon the leading/ largest sports outlets within New York such as Niketown and Adidas Originals. It may also be worthy of mention some of the oldest sports stores in New York still in operation, such as Modell’s on Chambers Street, Manhattan.

Technology Stores: New York is renowned for cutting edge technology advancements and being at the forefront of hi-tech fashion, therefore this section will focus upon the main independents and chain stores selling the best of electrical appliances, audio/ visual entertainment products and gadgets. This section will include the tourist magnet Sony Style Store at Madison Avenue, along with electronic stores such as Nobody Beats The Wiz.

Jewelry Stores: No shopping guide would be complete without worthy mention of infamous Tiffany’s & Co. along with Cartier and DVVS. This section aims to provide an overview of the most popular, and gift-specific stores for watches, gold, silver and diamond jewelry – along with individual information regarding other gifts available from such stores as DVVS – which also sells glassware. Although primarily focusing upon the “Diamond District” between 47th Street to 6th Avenue, there will also be inclusions from other areas of the city.

Music and Video Stores: With a diverse array of musical entertainment and culture within New York City this section aims to provide the best outlets for sourcing both leading artist titles, and vintage albums and LP’s. The section will boast a combination of stores, from superstores to independents such as Academy Records and Fat Beats.

Confectioners, Chocolatiers and Bakeries: New York – the home of authentic cheesecake and a slew of notorious chocolatiers is also home to a wealth of traditional, and gourmet confectionery stores, chocolate boutiques and niche bakeries catering for all manner of tastes. This section aims to illustrate some of the best including: Godiva Chocolatier at Times Square, Lady M. Confections on East 78th (rumoured to produce the finest cheesecake in New York), and old-world ice-cream boutique Hinsch’s Confectionery at Fifth Avenue, Brooklyn.