Visiting NYC with Kids

Be sure to take a ride on the Cyclone at Coney Island if you visit the New York Aquarium.

Everyone who visits New York at least once falls in love with the city. One can find here absolutely everything: culture that reflects different nations of the world; art which goes at times beyond imagination; shopping; night life; delicious food from various cuisines. Each person can discover his or her own New York which is the most beautiful thing about the city.

When you go to NYC with kids you might be confused about how to keep them busy and interested. Most of sights and places in the city can be exciting for both parents and children. However, there are some places …continue reading

Everything You Need To Know About The NYC Subway


With 24 lines and 468 stations, it is easy to see why so many people ride the New York City Subway. Construction on the subway began in October of 1904, which makes it one of the oldest transportation systems in the world. It is also one of the most extensive subway systems in the world because of how much area it covers. Currently there is 842 miles of track all over the state of New York. In 2009, during the week an average of five million rides are given each day, while 2.9 million are given on Saturday and 2.2 million …continue reading

Popular New York City Events

Cinema Village

New York City has an incomparable mix of cultures, people, and traditions. It is a city that never sleeps. If somebody claims that everything happens in New York City, virtually no one will dispute it. Thus, your plans to visit New York City should not just be about touring and hopping from one subway station to another. Your vacation plans should also include seeing some of the most popular New York City Events.

The New York Film Festival

Film fanatics are a dime a dozen but great films are rare. The world’s greatest films are showcased and honored during the New York Film …continue reading

6 Must-See New York City Attractions

New York Public Library Lion

Have you ever been on vacation and realized, as you are going home, that you haven’t really seen the most important tourist attractions? This type of experience will most likely happen during your New York City vacation.

The Big Apple simply has too many attractions and events. To experience them all, you might need to come back again and again. But during your first short visit, here are six New York City attractions that you must include in your itinerary. Even if you missed other New York City attractions, visiting these six places means that you’ve made it here.

The Statue of …continue reading

Important New York City Travel Tips: Getting Around the City

NYC yellow taxi cabs.

The real fun in New York City travel is getting around the city. There is an intangible but strong sense of accomplishment in being able to go from one destination to another within this almost intimidating maze of the Big Apple.

Fortunately, there are several methods of getting around New York City. There are buses, taxis, and the world famous subway. Tourists may want to consider renting their own car but for very short distances, walking is highly recommended.

Here are several important tips to remember when you use any of these methods.

New York City Travel On Foot

If you are not …continue reading