NFL Wild Card Week Wrap Up

Cardinals QB Kurt Warner

The first week of the NFL Playoffs lived up to expectations. From huge upsets to shoot outs to the end of an era, if the Wild Card week was any indication of what the future holds, the road to Super Bowl XLIV will be a wild ride.

Cowboys def. Eagles 34-14

The Cowboys embarrased the Eagles as they beat them for the third time this year and the second consecutive week. Felix Jones led the strong Cowboys offense with 16 carries for 148 yards and a touchdown while quarterback Tony Romo continued to silence his critics with …continue reading

King Won’t Challenge Gillibrand But Ford Might

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

After making a lot of hay about a possible Senate run while Governor David Paterson attempted to pick Hillary Clinton’s replacement a year ago, Long Island Congressman Peter King has decided not to run for the Senate seat. The move is more good news for rookie Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, after former Mayor Rudy Giuliani announced that he wouldn’t run for her seat either a while ago.

Still, while potential Republican challengers continued to drop off, some of her fellow Democrats have been considering seizing the opportunity and challenging that largely unknown Senator in the primaries.

Jumping into …continue reading

15-Year Old Brooklyn Boy Charged With Stabbing 12-Year Old Boy


A 15-year-old child was charged with stabbing his 12-year-old friend last night, after the two had gotten into an argument in the park they were in, while smoking marijuana.

The older boy was identified as Wayne Henderson, and his victim was 12-year-old Luis Martinez. Both kids are from Brooklyn.

On Saturday night, the two boys were in a Queens portion of Highland park, and had gotten into an argument about an earlier occasion on which Henderson had gotten in trouble with his family for smoking marijuana in the past.

Martinez had suffered several stab wounds and injuries, and is currently resting in NewYork-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell …continue reading

No Smoking, No Trans Fat, No Salt Either Says Bloomberg

Most food will be affected by Bloomberg

First, smoking was banned all throughout New York City in public places, then, trans fat was taken off the menu, and now the city has a new target: salt.

The city is planning to unveil their new plan for salt reduction today, which in the end is supposed to work with health agencies and food companies to reduce the amount of packaged salt in products and restaurant food by 25 percent in the next five years.

Why is salt such a big deal? It has a huge part in causing hypertension – high blood pressure. Reducing the amount of salt we all eat …continue reading

Best Cheap Lingerie


Every woman loves to buy lingerie … there’s no better feeling on earth than new bras and panties, even if you don’t have anyone to wear them for but yourself. But lingerie can get expensive… so you have to know where to shop!


There are locations all over New York City. This store not only has lingerie but clothes, beauty products and toys. However, they have all the same designs for bras and panties as any other store, but much much MUCH cheaper! Bras cost around $2.99-$3.99 and panties cost about a dollar. They also have teddys in any and every style …continue reading