Snooki From Jersey Shore Criticized For Promoting Tanning

Snooki from reality television show, "Jersey Shore"

Retarded “guidette” Snooki, from MTV’s most popular current television show, Jersey Shore, is now being criticized for announcing that she would like to make the world a better place by installing tanning beds in everyone’s homes… because this is apparently the worst thing she has ever said (or done).

The reality TV star made this announcement on her appearance on The Jay Leno Show this week.

Officials at the Parents Television Council who are taking the show way too seriously are pulling their hair out over Snooki’s statements, since studies show indoor tanning is as bad for you as smoking cigarettes.

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PETA And Weatherproof Ads To Stay Up


Both PETA and Weatherproof recently put out ads featuring the first couple without their permission, and even though the White House was upset… the ads will most likely stay up.

PETA president Ingrid Newkirk told Robin Givhan of the Washington Post:

“We got a call from the White House counsel’s office,” Newkirk says. “We said to them, we’re not selling a coat, only an idea that glamorous beautiful women who you look up to don’t wear fur. . . . We’re honoring her. Lawyers are lawyers, but PETA is honoring her fashion sense.” So there.

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Rookies Lead Jets To Victory, Next Round of Playoffs

Darrelle Revis

It was not so long ago that the New York Jets were an average team with a rookie quarterback who couldn’t pass to his own teammates. No one thought the team could accomplish anything this season. And then they won five of their last six games. And then they beat the AFC North division champion Cincinnati Bengals.

On a brutally cold evening in Ohio, the Jets played about as good a game as they have all year and beat the Bengals for the second consecutive week, this time with their playoff lives on the line.

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Some Sheepshead Bay Residents Fear New Mosque

All around the world, new mosques are going up and bringing constant terror, hatred, and angry Muslim fundamentalists to otherwise peaceful and loving neighborhoods. That is what one might imagine is the case from the way that a few Sheepshead Bay residents have responded to plans of a new mosque going up in the area.

Here are some quotes from area residents:

Kathy Cash, 38: “There’s a safety issue here. I don’t want my kids walking past it. It’s disgusting, they (Muslims) have no respect.” Obviously Kathy is referring to the countless instances in which disgusting Muslims …continue reading

This Week in Review: Jan. 9

Here are some stories you might have missed this week.

Rudy Giuliani claims there was no terrorist attack under George Bush.

How does that guy who mentions 9/11 in every sentence forget about the terrorist attack that happened under Bush? The guys’ whole post-2000 career is based on that one terrorist attack!

New Jersey State Senate Voted Down Gay Marriage Bill

Not surprisingly, the New Jersey State Senate voted down gay marriage in the state, a bill that would have been vetoed by incoming Republican Governor Chris Christie anyway. The final vote was 20-14 against …continue reading