Knicks Keep Rolling, Beat Bobcats

Mike D

With a much improved defense and a consistent 3-point game, the Knicks edged the woeful Charlotte Bobcats last night by a score of 97-93, thanks to six 3-pointers in the final quarter of the game.

While the win over the Bobcats means nothing, after all, who hasn’t beaten the Bobcats, the victory is their 11th in 16 games. Even more impressively, the Knicks held their opponent to under 100-points for the 13th time in their last 15 games.

The Knicks used just eight players last night with Wilson Chandler staying on the court for almost the entire …continue reading

MTA Drops Student MetroCard Cuts, Wants Bus Lane Cameras

MTA Chief Jay Walder

MTA chief Jay Walder has been busy these last few weeks trying to sort out the department’s financial mess but that hasn’t stopped him from trying to squeeze another dollar out of taxpayers’ pockets.

According to NY1, the head of the MTA has been lobbying the state to authorize the installation of bus lane cameras that would snap pictures of cars that blocked the lane.

The cameras would be similar to the traffic light cameras that are in place all over the city now that snap a picture of your car if you run a red light …continue reading

White House Upset As Company Uses Obama For Billboard


Jacket company Weatherproof has posted a billboard in Times Square over Red Lobster.. with a picture of President Obama in front of the great wall of china, with the line “A Leader In Style.” Though President Obama is a pretty big celebrity, the company made one mistake… they never got the permission to use this picture.

The company now calls the jacket he was wearing “The Obama Jacket.”

Company president Freddie Stollmack has been gloating over the president’s choice since he ordered a high-res version of the photo and examined the logo and zipper pull with a magnifying glass to determine that it …continue reading

H&M Will No Longer Destroy Clothes

Cynthia Magnus and some of the mutilated clothing she found

On January 5th, The New York Times discovered that clothing stores such as H&M and Wal-Mart throw out their brand-new unsold clothing… which is nothing new, but to make sure people can’t just take home trash bags filled with clothes, the companies tore holes and shredded the clothing. After backlash, the company has decided they will no longer destroy clothing but instead donate it to charity, as they should have been doing all along.

“It will not happen again,” said Nicole Christie, a spokeswoman for H & M in New York. “We are committed 100 percent to make sure this practice is …continue reading

Jets Set To Begin Unlikely Playoff Run

Darrelle Revis

With a record of 4-6, the Jets were feeling down and out after losing three straight games and were stuck in a rut with most of the season behind them. Then, despite a problematic quarterback that is prone to the turnover, the Jets defied the odds and won five of their next six, defeating two playoff teams.

Whatever Sanchez’s problems may be, the Jets are in the playoffs today because everyone else on the field is a top notch player. From owning one of the best offensive lines in the league, the top running game in the NFL, …continue reading