17,000 Potentially Harmful Chemicals Kept Secret To Protect Profits

There are more than 80,000 different chemicals that are used commercially around the country but a watered down bill written decades ago has allowed companies to keep nearly 20 percent of them secret from the public to keep customers from getting scared off from purchasing products if they knew what was in them.

The Toxic Substances Control Act of 1974 requires that all companies reveal all chemicals that they use in manufacturing their product. Unless, as the law says, they want to keep the chemicals secret to protect their profitability. Some law, huh? Sort of like saying that …continue reading

Economists Warn Of Tough Decade


The economists at the American Economic Association, or any economists for that matter, rarely come to a consensus on anything but had no problem doing just that as they concluded that the chances of the United States economy growing in 2010 aren’t good.

In fact, many of the economists who attended the group’s annual convention also believe that the next decade would not be particularly fruitful as the group suggested that the economy will grow less than two percent over the next 10 years.

Former chief of the National Bureau of Economic Research Martin Feldstein simply offered …continue reading

MTA Bus Drivers Get Added Protection…Sort Of

MTA Bus Partition

In response to the fatal stabbing of a B46 bus driver about a year ago, the MTA has begun to install partitions that would shield the driver from any potential danger…except not really.

The first 100 partitions have been installed on B46 buses as a way to test the effectiveness of the idea but just looking at photos of the partition it is hard to see how the glass barrier actual adds security.

The partition itself cover the area that until now was only protected by a metal bar that drivers had to pick up to leave …continue reading

Giants End Disappointing Season On Familiar Note

Manning Fumbles Away The Season

Capping off a dreadful second half of the NFL season, the Giants fell to the playoff bound Minnesota Vikings in a 44-7 blowout to cap off one of the most disappointing Big Blue seasons.

The Giants entered the year as one of the favorites to go all the way and only increased expectations as they began the season 5-0 only to go a mere 3-8 for the rest of the season.

Big Blue had nothing to play for in the Vikings game because they had already been knocked out of playoff contention in an embarrassing blowout loss …continue reading

Bloomberg, De Blasio, and Liu Sworn Into Office

De Blasio and Liu

Winners of their respective elections were sworn into office earlier this week as the office holders brought a little bit of reform and a lot of the same old, same old.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg celebrated his third mayoral inauguration, the first mayor to do so since Ed Koch did it in the 1980s.

Bloomberg mentioned that he understood how some people felt about him overturning the term limits law but claimed that he sees the additional term as a special opportunity to finish what he started.

Regardless of what you think of Mayor Mike, the multimillionaire …continue reading