Must Love Dogs

Central Park

I love dogs.  I grew up with a kick-ass mutt named Radar and today I care for the cutest Sheltie in the world (yes, THE WORLD) named, Bailey.  I believe if you don’t like animals, particularly dogs, you are not to be trusted.*  And because I love my dog, I like to make sure that he gets the chance to play, exercise, and socialize as much as possible. And to do so means having my finger on the pulse of the dog run scene.  Yeah, we dog owners are that serious about this stuff.  There is nothing worse than seeing your …continue reading

Top 10 Reasons to Visit New York City

Central Park

If you have been thinking about visiting New York City, but are still indecisive finding out about the top 10 reasons to visit might help you make up your mind. Despite how small New York is there are still plenty of opportunities for tourists, in fact, it is probably one of the busiest and most populated states in America. No matter what time of the day or night it is you can find something to do, New York just never seems to sleep.

#1 Open Spaces

With how busy and crowded New York is you will be surprised to find out just how …continue reading

Most Romantic Places in New York


Whether you live in New York or are just visiting, knowing the most romantic places to visit can be quite helpful. Knowing the most romantic places in New York will allow you to plan one a very special evening for you and your loved one. Whether you are looking for a romantic dinner for two or a romantic evening out on the town, New York City is going to have just what you need.

The Top Romantic Places in New York

Carriage Rides

One of the most romantic things that you can do in New York is to take a carriage ride through …continue reading

What To Do With All The Snow

Ice skating

Snow can be wonderful… if you don’t live in the city. There’s skiing, snowboarding, sledding, making snowmen and snow angels.. but when you live in the city, there’s no room to do all this! So… what can you do when there’s this much snow out?

1) Go to Central Park, Prospect Park, or any other park.

Bring your kids! Kids can sled in the park, make snowmen, snow angels, and have snowball fights! This is pretty much the only place in the city where you can engage in traditional snow time fun.

2) Make snow art!

Buy cheap acrylic paints, and get each of your …continue reading